Were You A Resident In One Of These Homes?

Homes That Are Covered

You may be entitled to compensation under the Lambeth Redress scheme

The full list of children’s homes has been provided below:

1. Almond House Hostel
2. Angell Road
3. Calais Street
4. Chestnut Road/ Robson Road
5. Chevington House
6. Cumberlow Lodge
7. Garrads Road
8. Gresham Place
9. Highland Road
10. Ingleton House
11. Ivy House/ Warham Road
12. Knowle Close
13. Lancester Avenue
14. Lancaster Road
15. Leigham Court Road
16. Lorn Road
17. Monkton Street
18. Mount Villas
19. Nottingham Road
20. Rathmell Drive
21. Rectory Grove/ Elaine Claire House
22. Samuel House
23. Shirley Oaks
24. South Vale
25. Southwood
26. Southwood Discharge Hostel
27. St Saviours
28. Stephany House
29. Stockwell Park
30. The Elms
31. Thornwick Nursery
32. Tivoli Road
33. Woodvale

This scheme only covers homes that were previously run by the London County Council (LCC) and which subsequently transferred to the London Borough of Lambeth in April 1965. Those homes that were run by the LCC and which transferred to another London borough after April 1965 are not covered by the scheme. The scheme is for people who as children lived in or visited a Lambeth children’s home or Shirley Oaks Children’s Home (or both).