Impact of Covid-19 on Redress Scheme

At present redress applications are being processed as normal and there is no current impact on the service. Should the situation change updated information will be provided on this page. If any of the changes listed below make it difficult for you to apply, please get in contact with us.

Medical Assessments during this period

To ensure applications continue to progress smoothly during this period, and to protect applicants the council has arranged for medical experts to offer medical appointments via video link rather than face to face meetings. For those applicants that require a medical assessment this option will be offered at the time, and the option of a face to face meeting is still available if both the applicant and the medical expert wish (subject to any further government restrictions on social distancing that may be imposed).

You may be able to receive an interim payments if you require funds now

Lambeth’s Redress Scheme recognises that Covid-19 is a difficult period and some applicants may require access to funds before their Individual Redress application has been fully concluded. Applicants can request an interim payment to be made against any Individual redress entitlement. Requests for interim payments will be considered on a case by case basis. If you would like to apply for an interim payment you should contact your legal representative. If you do not have legal representation, our navigator team or Lambeth’s Redress team can advise you on how to submit a request to be considered for an interim payment.

Access to other non-financial advisory services is still open

Access to all of the non-financial advisory services such as housing, welfare benefits, further education and work, and the counselling service are all still available. Please bear in mind that the current situation will have an impact on what support can be provided (for example all educational establishments are closed), our team is available to provide advice where possible. When making a request for an advisory service, please be very specific about the support/advice needed in order to be directed to the appropriate team.

Other restrictions due to the lockdown

At this time, Lambeth has suspended the meetings with someone senior from the council in order to protect applicants from the risk of coronavirus, however applicants are still able to request a meeting and these will be arranged at a later date when it is safe to do so.

Due to the physical process involved in preparing and sending the letters of apology, no letters will be sent out until further notice. Applicants are still able to request a letter of apology and these will be prepared and sent out at a later date.

Lambeth’s Subject Access Team continue to process applications from people who wish to access their care records, however, there may be some delay in processing these or new requests.

You May Be Entitled To Compensation

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